Proses Kerja Kami

OmahWebsite - Jasa Website Profesional, Murah, dan Bukan Murahan

Beyond who we are and what we can build, we are about Building Relationships and Experinces and its our process that ensures success.

Step 1


  • Information gathering: client survey, initial consultation by phone, in person
  • Expectations, what does success look like
  • Technology discussion
  • Feasibility review
  • Schedule and timeline
  • Budget and terms
  • Client Survey!

Step 2


  • Business requirements, objectives review
  • Audience review
  • Set milestones
  • Review competitors
  • Create use case scenarios
  • Create features list

Step 3

Content Creation

  • Content audit
  • Content analysis: branding, voice, SEO, persuasive content, aligning with goals
  • Recommendations for content changes, deletions, moves, additions
  • Editorial styleguide, editorial calendar
  • Writing and editing
  • Flowing in content to CMS

Step 4


  • Explore other brandsí sites we admire and dislike
  • Establish features and functionality
  • Create wireframes and black and white prototypes
  • Explore color palettes
  • Design mockups
  • Narrow options and fine-tune a single design for templates
  • Finalize design templates

Step 5


  • Site outline and sitemap
  • Site diagram or user path
  • Bug/QA list established
  • Front end development, templates and light dynamic experiences
  • Backend development, databases and deep dynamic experiences
  • Integrating front and backend!

Step 6

Testing & Launch

  • Establish browsers, platforms, and operating systems to test on
  • Check functionality against use case scenarios
  • Review connection speeds, load times
  • Check bugs and fixes
  • Review any known risks and establish plans

Step 7

Maintenance & Ongoing Support

  • Client directed updates
  • Cofa Media directed guidance and updates
  • Ongoing bug list fixes

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